Friday, October 18, 2013

Except from the First Chapter of Sectors - The Great War

It feels good to feel good about what you're working on doesn't it?  I think so.  Here's what I'm feeling good about today. :)

“No Clarence, same answer as before. No. The same answer in the future. No.”

“Oh come on. You'll enjoy-”

“Good bye Clarence.”

“So, are you at least coming to the party?”

“Good bye Clarence,” I repeat, picking up my pace, creating distance between us.

“I'm breaking down Jos.”

Even though the words were spoken in a near whisper, they hit me like a hammer. I turn abruptly to meet his eyes. He's serious. I can hear it now in the thump of his heart, the smell of fear emanating from his glands and spot his large brown eyes glistening with tears.

“Every time I look at myself, all I see is filth. I'm... I'm dirty. It doesn't... I mean, I can't seem to get clean,” He says, his eyes drifting down to the back of his outstretched hands.

“Are you serious?” I ask, but the answer is obvious to me. He's already told me by letting his guard down and allowing me to use these enhanced senses as proof. “How long did you know?”

“Months maybe? Every-thing's a blur around here, ya know?” With a tilt of his head, he smiles, tight and strained against the weight of the revelation. He's a very attractive young man. In ten years and some maturity, I would have seriously considered him as a partner. Now, I wonder if he'll make it six more months before his inevitable crash?

In a burst of speed, I'm in front of him, scaring those around shocked at my outburst of power. His forced smile doesn't change. “Are you fucking with me,” I whisper, leaning in close to his ear, my eyes fixed on the cheekbone, catching the edge of his long eyelashes.

“No. I'm not fuckin' with you Jos. I'm being straight up.”

Pulling back, I stare up at him, wanting a happiness for him he'll never be able to attain. He looks down at me, his eyes desperate and begging for something more. Is it sex he wants, or a sense of closeness to someone, the feeling of simply not being alone? I don't know. I'm not sure I want to know.

“I'm so sorry Clarence,” I say, hugging him close, attempting to offer some comfort. He returns the hug. His grip is tight and strong, and I find myself relaxing. Mistake. “Clarence... are you grabbing my ass?”

“Yeah, it's nice.”

“Was this another ploy?” I growl.

“No, I'm serious about my failing health,” he says with a slight shrug. “I just wanted to cop a feel while I had this rare chance.”

I can't help but laugh. Even with the knowledge that his mind is slow fracturing, he's still focus for an ass-grab. “The answer is still a no.”

“I know. But, at least I'll have the fond memory of having a handful of your butt-cheek to enjoy while I'm stuck in stasis-sleep.”

“You're a fool!” I say, as we laugh and the busy crowd sweep past us and into their future. Clarence's future will be cut short so their's can be continue under the banner of Northern Alliance. Blood of my country... if only they deserved the blood we gave and have given.

If only the cost wasn't the blood of the young.