Thursday, June 27, 2013

Equality is a Wonderful Thing

DOMA being smacked down was a necessary change for American society... and in my opinion, quite overdo.  Whether you are for or against gay marriage, we all have to be leery of any legislation that's built on fear.  DOMA, as it's core, was more about fear than about any Christian ideal of marriage.  America is not a country who's Constitution is a religious text.  In fact, it specifically makes reference to a separation of church and state.

Not everyone is Christian or even adheres to Christian beliefs, so it's a violation of our "God given rights" to force someone to adhere to any specific dogma.  At best, you should only try to convince them to follow, and allow them to choose their own path.

If your God truly believes in freedom, let all humanity freely choose the best path for them.  Let them truly be free... let us all truly be free.