Friday, June 14, 2013

Every time I hear this song, I tear up.  Seriously.  My eyes well as the verses sink in.  But, is that all it is?  Just words tied to music and my personal emotional connection to the ideas presented?  I'd like to say no.  I prefer to believe something greater is occurring. I'm going to choose door number 2 and say the song is infused with something more that fills the mind with that wonderful "something" and stirs the soul.  That "something"... it's magical and meaningful and spiritual and uniquely from the artist.

I'm envious of that.  I desire to bring that to my work.  I want my writing to stir something within people that's more than mere words on paper or digital ink.  I want people to feel my love, hate, fear, joy, etc and be better for it after having experienced it.

Now that I'm at looking at the finish line and finding it only a few more steps away, I'm feeling energized and also a bit terrified.  But, getting across the finish line won't be enough I must confess.  I crave that sharing I hope my work brings.  Much like Stevie Wonder was able to do with the song above.  I desire to share a part of my soul as he did through words and music.  I just want to do it with words.  I hope it's enough.