Monday, May 16, 2016

Did you know?

The world's largest organism is NOT the blue whale, which averages 30 meters (98') and weight of 191 tonnes.

Nope, it's a fungus.  To be specific, it's the honey fungus (armillaria genes) that's been recorded to span 2.4 miles... or 12,674 feet.  So yeah, there's no comparison between the blue whale and this fungus.

This single organism is connected over this huge distance by its roots, and like a gigantic brain, there's communication between the visible clumps of mushrooms we see via the roots.

Kinda makes me think of the internet.  We are all linked via a massive web of wires.  Our thoughts are being shared over vast distances, like one massive worldwide brain.

We are all connected folks.  We are all one organism.  We, humans, are the true biggest organism on this planet imo.