Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Forgetting the Painful

As I find my writing stride again with the new project, I'm once again reminding myself of just how much I struggled writing Sectors.  Each chapter had moments (some longer than others) of long slogging writing that was just painful.  I wanted to just give up at times, but because I can be a bull-headed kinda fellow, I stuck it out.  Basically, my brain tried to erase the pain all together.  A trick to get me to write again I'm sure!

"It was a joy to write!"
"It was so much fun!"
"I didn't want to throw my laptop at all!"

Utter nonsense.  How did I let myself forget all of that?  Those times where I found myself barely able to type one single word without sighing and wracking my brain for something more useful and inspired.

I'm now about 15 pages into this project and starting to feel those moments of excitement.  Those times were creativity takes over and makes connects to things my conscious mind would and could never do.  It's like I'm reading the story someone else has written when those sparks fly.  It's fun!  But, those moments are bookend by the hard work of creating an outline and pushing through those moments where the creative spark is hard to capture and hold, or not present at all.

I'm going to have to write this kind of stuff down for future reference... oh, wait.  That's what this blog is for! Ha!