Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Starting from the Beginning... for the 2nd Time

Time to get back on that horse!

It's not easy to get back into writing once you've set your creation free.

For some reason, I figured it'll be easy.  Just start the next book and keep cranking them out.  My brain is split right now, so it's kind of difficult to focus on the new project, when half of me is still desiring to promote the old (old... ha!).  I find myself checking for new reviews daily, hoping the find one, just one.  I want it to succeed and I want to put more energy behind it to get it flourish by sheer willpower alone.  That doesn't work.  I have to let it go, let it be and see where it goes.  Sure, I'll keep working on it, but not with the same energy.  I need that for the new project.

That's the test for a writer isn't it?  One good book isn't enough, you must have a body of work that shows the last wasn't a fluke.  You have to prove your previous creation wasn't an aberration, but par for the course.

That kind of worries me too.  Can I actually create another?  Can I do it again?  It's a scary prospect to think that it may just be a one time thing, and the next will be a big letdown for readers.  It'll be an even bigger letdown for me.

All that I can do right now is focus on the now.  Push forward, and make it happen.  Being afraid of the possible pitfalls guarantees you'll be in the pit... because you just created it for yourself being too afraid to move out of your own stagnation.  So, even if the next is just a big pile of poo, I'll have to write another and another and another, etc until I get myself to a better place.

The only true failure is giving up.