Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Will Not Yield to this Monkey Court!

Is it just me that finds this fascinating and totally hilarious?

It also reminds me of the various rules many writers adhere to, generated from other writers. We place our trust in others to honestly review our work, and at times we find ourselves being judged with rules that don't actually apply to the work. We artists love praise for what we do. It's part of our DNA, I think. The idea that someone understands what we're saying, what messages we are trying to relay, is the mana that keeps us going strong. It's even better when the person that provides that mana, is a peer. Yet, many of us run into peers that either can't see or don't see the work for what it is or what it's saying. They are instead running with a dogma that is, imo not conducive to creativity.

Adhering to any dogma stifles creativity.

So, do what works best for you and enables you to express yourself to the fullest. BE FREE!! That's the only way to sing in the cage that is the written word.

Don't yield your time here, in this life, to people that are rigid and blind. Move your vision forward and give the world your vision. We need you to do it. That's why creation enabled you to be the artist you are.