Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Your Art is You

As we march ourselves into a new year, I have something to say to my fellow artist.

Don't be a whore.

Please don't misunderstand me.  There's nothing wrong with working on someone's project for money.  That's business.  It puts food on your table.  It's a blessing to take those opportunities.  I wish we all have the strength to bring to bare our fantastic talents we've acquired through both hard work and god-given abilities to do our best.  To make those opportunities shine and show the world what we're capable of.  That does NOT make someone a whore though.  I believe we artist become whores, when we take the art created from that special place within us, that place where we've capture the inspiration of the Creator, the place in all humanity that connects our soul's to the universal knowledge... only to corrupt it's message at the faintest scent of riches.  Please, don't do that.

One of my mentors informed me of a powerful truth:  You are not the only soul the Creator can use to give his/her message to the universe.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but did you truly believe that the message the Creator is urging you to tell the world will live and die only in your heart?  Nope.  Just look at history.  There have been many Messengers of the Creator, giving the same message in many different forms.  The vessel can be replaced.  The message is what's important!  Never forget that.

So please, don't allow your message given by our Creator to be soiled with hand that were never meant to touch it.  Honor the message by giving it to the world with the highest honor you can imbue into it.  There's a reason you were given the responsibility of delivering your message in the first place.  It was meant for you to deliver that message in the way only you can.  So...

Be the vessel the Creator intended you to be.
Bless the universe with Art that is You.

We need it.