Thursday, July 25, 2013

Anti-Environment = Self-Hate? I Say Yes!
Massive natural gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico
Tar sands leak

The massive natural gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico is a hint that we need to leave fossil fuels the heck alone.  Another hint?  A huge tar sands leak that's lasted 9 weeks and is absolutely wreaking havoc on the land and wild life in Alberta Canada.  You may say, "Well that's over there, and I'm over hear."  It's easy to do I'm sure.  But, the truth is, we are all connected.  Not only to each other, but to all life on Earth, including the Earth itself.  So a gas leak there, is a gas leak everywhere.  Tar sands in Canada's backyard is tar sands in all of our backyards.  We are one, regardless of lines drawn on a map to separate us from one another.

If we believe that mankind needs the Earth's environment to survive, why are we so intent on destroying it?  So I ask, how much of that is self-hate and how much is simple ignorance?

The ignorance angle is tough to swallow.  There's enough information to be informed, even by accident, of the ramification of using carbon bases fuels.  So personally, I can't accept that excuse.  Sorry.  That being the case, I'm going all in on the self-hate angle.  To slowly destroy your own world, poisoning it, so no one and no thing could live therein... including yourself, makes no sense and can only lead to one conclusion.  The end of life as we know it (the Earth well be fine with or without us.  Trust me.)

How about an nice analogy hmmm?  It's generally a fan favorite.
A person dumps gallons of insect spray into their own home, making it utterly unlivable, but they can't leave and ultimately the person becomes terribly, deathly ill.  You'd probably think they were completely suicidal.  I'd agree with that assessment 100%.  So why do we allow large corporations to dump insect spray (well, not really insect spray, but you get the picture) into our livingrooms?  We even take it a step further as we also allow them to coat our food with that strange liquid marked in a dark amber bottle, labeled with a white skull and crossbones.

When does it stop being "THEM" doing something to our planet, and start being "US" allowing something terribly to happen to humanity?

So enough with the rant, let's start with the solutions:
1 - Stop paying us to hurt us!
2 - Buy organic produce.
3 - Buy non-toxic goods.
4 - Stop driving when you can bike or walk.
5 - Start planting trees and trying growing your own produce (if you have the available land that is).
6 - Stop supporting the people that's hurt you by buying what they're selling!  Trust me, it'll only encourage them.
7 - This part is very important.  Treat the Earth as if you love it.

Stop punching yourself in the face humanity.