Thursday, June 20, 2013

Letting it Go

Now that I'm getting really close to publishing my book, I'm feeling more and more like the child above.  Filled with both elation and dread.

I'm following my wife's advice and setting a date.  June 27th, is the day I have to push the button by, and send my 3 year old project on it's way.  It's all grown up now, edited and culled of many of it's father's repetitious meanderings.  My baby's leaving me and I'm so proud!  I'm also so scared it'll suffer a terrible fate.  Shunned by people or scorned by those that took the time to listen to what it has to say.  I only want the best for it!

Lots of 'what ifs' dance around in my brain, most silly and foolish, but all based on fear that I should not embrace... ever.  And like the mom in the video above, my wife would says, "Silly baby."

Well deserved, because it is silly.  Fear is often created under a cover of silly imagining of what could be, not what is, and that's utterly meaningless.  The wife says it's fine, my best friends say it's good to go, so it's me that has to get with the program and allow what is, to be.  Allow life.  Allow freedom.  Allow success.  If you've done the work, allow the fruit of that work to manifest.

I just have to tell myself that more often and douse the crackling embers of fear with hope and the assurance that the work I put in will reap the rewards.