Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chasing the End?

Relax... relax

I've set a date to have my the first draft completed by the end of February 2012.  The problem is, I've just started chapter 11 (of the book... I'm not filing for bankruptcy).  I may be optimistic about things, but I'm not foolishly so.  I don't think I'll make the date.  I'll probably end up finished the draft in mid March 2012 (at the latest).

Initially, was somewhat deflated by the idea.  I won't be finished on time! Boohoo... feel my sorrow, feel my pain.  That was the second thought right after the first one which consisted of mostly... Rush rush rush!!  You gotta hurry up and finish before the world explodes around you!  Don't be a quitter!

Both are wrong truth be told.  I can not finish on time, so long as the book is well done and completed within a reasonable amount of time.  I've been writing rather quickly so I don't have to toss quality out of the window by rushing needlessly.  I'd rather be a week behind and get it done properly, than rush to produce a weak concept that falls flat. 

In any case, I should be celebrating!  I'm pulling into the home stretch of phase one of a long procrastinated dream.  A dream of putting my ideas down on paper (physical and digital) for consumption.  I've been holding the dream inside for so long it's beginning to hurt like a full bladder and no restroom in sight.  Now after the hurried rush to the finally located restroom, I'm preparing for that blissful moment of final release.

Wow, what a terrible analogy!  Sorry folks... that was a bit gross (although i think it's fairly accurate).