Friday, August 3, 2012

Writer = Artist

The Expression of Self

I wonder if writers are aware that they are artist? If you don't know... you are. Writers are no different than a singer, a musician, a painter or a sculptor.  Our medium is the symbols we use to communicate everyday. Our words are the clay which we shape and form into thoughts that reflect our feelings. The paint we struggle with to express our hearts through metphor and life situations.
I've been reading some sites that speak of writing as nothing more than a business, and our constructs as products only to be bought and sold, created only for the pleasure of others.

No... hell no.

Do we reduce any other artist to such a small-minded viewpoint? I've yet to hear a painter call their work nothing more than a product created for the sole purpose of commerce. You don't hear that because it's madness to believe it. It's a way to strip the ART out of the artwork, leaving you only with work. I refuse such a designation. I write first for myself. Once complete, I may look to sell my ART to those interested in experiencing it. Sure, the distinction is small, but it's the difference between writing empty slush devoid of the power of one's soul, and creating something meaningful and soul stirring.  The difference between Disney and Studio Ghibli (for those into anime). The difference between

Don't let money define who you are as an artist. I won't.