Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gotta Catch my Goals

It's a new year and I'm in a mood of pure dedication to finishing my novel, Sectors.  Although I don't expect to complete it until the end of February or early March, I know I really have to get on the ball and figure out a ton of things to actually get my book into print.  Cover designs, which printing houses to use, distribution, marketing (either digital or material), etc.  I also have to consider coming up with a name for my publishing house, not to mention also figuring out if I should be incorporated or just do a quick sole proprietorship.

I want to launch the book in June and with 8 chapters completed and 4 to go, I have to have all of the above and more ironed out by that time.  Seems a bit overwhelming sometimes.  Yet I don't see me failing.  I see it happening and succeeding.  But that's the key isn't it?  Believing it's possible, really believing that you can make it happen, will make it happen.  It's those moments of doubt that I allow to slip in that's dangerous to my success (success is only what you say it is, not what others believe it is).

I'll make it happen by June.  I have to believe it with my whole heart if it's to come to pass.  It's those moments of doubt that I have to ignore.